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Kid's Don't KNOW Basketball 

And Their In-Game Performance Is Suffering Because Of It


Have You Been Frustrated by Coaches Who:

  • Tear Down Your Players Self-Esteem

  • Don't Explain the Game or Your Child's Role

  • Expect's Your Child to Just "Get It" 

  • Doesn't Give Your Athlete a "Real" Chance

  • Punish Athletes for Mistakes Instead of Teaching

  • Puts Your Player in a Box, Won't Let Them Expand Skill Set  

How much is a lack of confidence costing you? 


How many coaches can't see your ability because you don't know how to showcase your talent? 


Time is limited, can you afford to make misguided investments when it comes to reaching your potential?


Not having an informed plan of attack could already be costing you a great deal. 

Many families are frustrated by coaches that aren't DEVLOPING their athletes. However, the truth is that isn't their job. 

Iconic Sport Performance is a true Learning Environment that ensures each player learns how, when, and where to apply the skills they are acquiring in each session. Resulting in a more effective and efficient in-game performance.  

ISP Was Designed To:

  • Save You Money 

  • Create a "Safe Haven" to Enhance Your Game 

  • Maximize Your Time 

  • Build Confident Athletes 

  • Enhance IQ 

  • Create the "kid" everyone wants on their team 

  • Increase stock of each student-athlete

  • Develop life skills such as character, leadership, and communication


It is our mission to help you navigate the business of sport and shift the culture of basketball in our community.


While simultaneously building community leaders of high character with the life skills necessary to make an impact on the world when they graduate from our program.


We are breeding change agents, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creators daily. 




Your first workout is ALWAYS on the house! We use this workout as an evaluation to access each athlete's strengths & weaknesses.


Here, you will also get an opportunity to tour the facility, meet our staff, and get all of your questions answered.



After a complete evaluation, our experts will develop a plan of attack custom to your athletes goals.


From there we will pair you with the program that best suits your developmental needs.   


your game

Once you become a member of our training community immediately begin to learn how, when, and where to apply the skills acquired through training.


Ultimately resulting in a more effective and efficient performance and a confident player. 


Meet Your Guide

Photo Jan 28, 1 12 35 AM.jpg

Ashleigh Edwards 

Lead Basketball Trainer

My name is Ashleigh Edwards, I am the Co-Owner and Lead Basketball Trainer at Iconic Sport Performance. 


Growing up in Columbia, I experienced basketball in various settings that groomed me into not only an efficient athlete but a person of high character and that is what I am most proud of. 


We crafted ISP into a learning environment specifically enhancing athletes overall skill in the game of basketball. With the overall goal to truly enhance the mind and thought process of each athlete that walks into our gym. 


It is no secret that sports and extra-curricular activities challenge young people in various ways. The way we take things to another notch here however, is we want this to be the most challenging thing our athletes have ever done! 


Daily we present new hurdles, and equip them with the tools and appropriate skill sets to solve each problem in front of them. 


Why do athletes train here? 

To be more effective, and more efficient. 


Our definition doesn't come straight from Websters but it's short and to the point, to ensure our athletes always understand the why! 


Effective - Best Overall Way 

Efficient - Execute Consistently 


On the offensive end we are figuring out the best overall way TO PUT THE BALL IN THE BASKET. 

On the defensive end we are figuring out the best overall way TO STOP THE OTHER TEAM FROM DOING SO. 


Sounds so simple, but if you've watched any basketball lately you will see the true skill disappearing. Our scholarship offers, and draft picks have dwindled as well because of this. 


Basketball is STILL a kid's game. You still win, simply by outscoring your opponent. It's just big business now. 


At ISP, we teach the IQ proponents necessary to assist your athlete win the war, not just the battle night in and night out. Which takes strategy, adjustments, mental stamina, and so much more. 


Our mission is to educate BOTH the parent and the student-athlete how to navigate the businesses of sport at all levels. 


Our facility is NOT FOR EVERYONE, and it wasn't designed to be. But we welcome you to join us and see the type of athlete you truly are, and the type of athlete you want to be. 


If you have no experience at all we can assist in your development. If you're the nicest out, we can expose your weaknesses and still find way to help you improve. 

We are simply looking for PEOPLE (not just ball players) that want to be their best selves EVERYDAY! 

Come join us for a free workout and find out what you are made of. 

95% of Seniors at ISP, Graduate with an athletic scholarship 


JonAntheny W.

Columbia International


Mya B.

Tusculum University 


Nyah L.

University of Kentucky


Unique D.

St. John's University

Schools We've Worked With 

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Your Investment


Level One 

One Hr Per Day Attendance Maximum


Six Month Membership


per month

Three Month Membership


per month


Unlimited Small Group

Training Program


Monday - Thursday


4:30p Levels 1&2

5:30p Levels 1-3

6:30p Levels 2&3

7:30p Levels 3&4 

Membership requires a minimum of two sessions per week. 


Schedule adjusts periodically with basketball season and based on need of current members. 


Some Sunday availability throughout "school ball season." Additional weekday availability throughout "travel ball season." Includes minimum of 16 sessions per month.

Updated: 2/28/22



Two - Four 

Two Hr Per Day Attendance Maximum

Three Month Membership


per month

Six Month Membership


per month

Twelve Month Membership


per month