Basketball Skill Development Training 

ISP: HOOP ICON is a Basketball Specific Skill Development Training Program. This program was introduced with the mission to change the culture of basketball as we know it in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas.
The game itself is changing consistently. However the keys to success are the same. Work ethic, Will, Desire, Discipline, and Determination is what we instill in our athletes. All of whom desire to go to the next level be varsity, college, or professionally.
Regardless of the level, they all have a specific goal they are looking to obtain. Therefore there is no time to waste. The journey MUST be both challenging and consistent in order to grow. 
We are looking to utilize your investment and maximize your return in a variation of ways including but not limited to academic/athletic scholarships, internships, job opportunities, and more. We do this through Basketball IQ Development where we teach the Business of Sport. It is our mission to teach parents and student-athletes alike the tricks of the trade in an effort to maximize potential opportunities. 
Since our grand-opening in October of 2014, 17 of our 18 high school seniors have signed athletic scholarships to play basketball at the collegiate level.
Our program is not designed for everyone to play professionally or collegiately even, but it is designed to educate you and give you options. Many of our students over time will go pro in something other than sports yet the disciplines we teach will allow them to be successful leaders in all facets of life. 
If you are interested in transforming your game and your life through the sport we have come to know and love give us a call today to schedule your FREE Transformation Session! 

Message From the Pros: 

"Ashleigh's awareness of the game never goes unnoticed when I'm working with her on or off the basketball court. Although her workouts are exceptionally intense, she makes all of my workouts eminently creative, heartfelt, engaging, and effective. Thereby, assisting when it comes to attaining great potentials thatI myself did not know existed. Because she is willing to go the extra mile for her clients, I can testify that my game has evolved. I am never worried when I am working with her during the summer because I know I will always be in my best basketball shape when it is time for me to return overseas." 

- Sarah Imovbioh | PEAC Pecs (Hungary)  

  Univ. of South Carolina (2016) 

  Nigerian National Team