Krystal Barclay

Co-Owner | Wellness Professional 

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A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Krystal Barclay’s purpose in life is to be an advocate for health and wellness.  She receives so much joy from helping others live and lead healthy fulfilling lives through fitness and massage.  She believes in living every day intently and being the best version of yourself possible.


As the co-founder of Iconic Sport Performance, LLC, this is where Krystal dedicates most of her time. Krystal has teamed up with Ashleigh to open a facility for any and everyone looking to better themselves and lead a healthier life. At ISP, Krystal is not only the co-founder but she also serves as the Lead Fitness Trainer as well as Lead Therapist.

Barclay began her massage journey shortly after graduating from the University of South Carolina. Her love for anatomy & physiology led her to pursue massage therapy.  After graduating from Massage School, Krystal worked at a local spa for sometime. This position led to a wonderful opportunity as a massage therapist for the University of South Carolina’s Track & Field Men’s and Women’s teams. Since working with USC she recognized her love for sport massage.

Krystal believes that massage is seen as a luxury to people when truly, it is a necessity.  The human body operates on every day wear and tear that eventually leaves us fatigued and sometimes injured.  Krystal preaches it is crucial to listen to the body and give it exactly what it needs.  Massage allows the muscle fibers to lengthen into their true state of rest and allow blood flow and cell development to take place in the body unrestricted. This state of being is calming, relaxing, and comfortable.

Because you only get one, Krystal believes that it is imperative that you take care of your body. So much so, that massage services are available at ISP for both members and non-members; with members enjoying a discount.


At almost the exact same time that she started the venture into massage school, Barclay also began her healthy life journey.  It has been through trial and error and education from the National Academy of Sport Medicine, that she has learned the ins and outs of fitness.


Shortly after whipping herself into shape Barclay realized what she had to offer, and the gift she could truly give to her clients as a Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. This is when she founded KB BodyWork, a company that preached “your health is your wealth.”  


Through KB BodyWork she offered fitness training, various massages, and healthy vitamins and supplements. Krystal enjoys training people who are serious about their health and fitness and want to make being physically fit a lifestyle.  


Through her extensive training and education, Krystal is able to get her clients in the best shape possible through diet and exercise. In 2015, Krystal obtained her ART (Active Release Technique) patented license.


Most recently, in 2017, Krystal has continued her education at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she is studying to become a Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. 


Ashleigh and Krystal have joined forces to bring a better quality product to the local community through ISP, LLC. When Ashleigh noticed Krystal’s product, experience, knowledge, and passion for people she would not let her turn the offer down. Aside from ISP, the two can be found in the community often giving back at local charity events, camps, and clinics.