Our in-house Licensed Massage Therapist, Coach KB, has Spa Experience and is excellent when it comes to treatments such as Hot Stone, Aroma Therapy, as well as Swedish (Relaxation) Massage. Her passion however, is Maintenance Massage. Whether you are sitting at a desk, or standing up all day our body needs regular maintenance in an effort to maintain optimal wellness. This is done through our Customized, Deep Tissue, and Orthopedic Massages.


We also offer Active Release Technique (ART) which differs slightly from massage. It is specifically useful when preventing/recovering from injury and requires active involvement from each patient. Where massage therapy is a manipulation of the specific muscle groups. ART is the manipulation of nerve entrapments; therefore, it is excellent when suffering pinched nerves of any sort, and can help you get rid of common issues like sciatica for good! 

Our therapist also has a wealth of experience with athletes of all ages and experience levels. We believe it is imperative each athlete learns proper training regiments at an early age ... this INCLUDES necessary treatment, rest, as well as proper recovery.


Krystal currently contracts out with the University of South Carolina's Track & Field Program. Her current roster boasts a wealth of athletes from multiple sports including but not limited too: Track & Field, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball, and Basketball. She has worked with past and present Olympians, Paralympians, All-Americans, and National Champions.


In order to become a champion in any facet of life, we must practice championship habits.


Call now to see what the best massage would be for you or your student-athlete today! 



I've known Krystal for about five (5) years now and she is not only a phenomenal therapist but just a genuinely awesome person and friend. She's easy to work with and we connected immediately! She's so well versed in her craft and we have had endless conversations on nutrition, plant based diets, etc. As a professional athlete, recovery is so important and she understands what I need every time I see her. I have so much appreciation for everything she has done for me!  

- Jeannelle Schepher, Olympic High Jumper  

  St. Lucian National Team (2016 Rio Olympics)  

  NCAA High Jump Champion (2015), Univ. of South Carolina 

ISP Body Work offers the following services and will customize your therapy session for your individual needs:


Active Release Technique 

Sport Maintenance Massage


Customized Massage


Hot Stone Massage


Aroma Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage


Swedish Massage


Orthopedic Massage