Shanekqua joined ISP: FIT LIFE to challenge her body as she maintained to stay in shape for the Military, as she was in training to become an Officer. She also wanted to tone because she was six months out from her wedding date. Check out what she had to say about her experiences below: 

"Wow!!!! Where can I start?


Well, it all started on Instagram! I kept seeing people post about Iconic and I saw a news anchor share her experience at ISP. It was only right that I gave them a called and I did! Our first session, we discussed my personal goals and fitness goals which were basically the following:to  lose body fat, to tone up, and to increase Physical Activity for Office Candidate School.


Well, ISP came at a time in my life where I was working out, but couldn't find a plan that would push me beyond my limits and out of my comfort zone!

One thing about Krystal and Ashleigh, they both pushed me and supported me in this journey and they became more than my trainers, more like my Fit Family! There were plenty of mornings where it took everything in me to get up and go to the gym, but I knew if wanted results I had to put the work in. In addition, it got real when it was time for the monthly "Weigh In". Krystal neverrrrrr let me see my results or share the picture with me until about month three!

When I saw the my results, I couldn't believe it. Working out is hard and does require dedication, but when you start to think of it as a lifetime goal you see results! Sure, it's easy to fall off, but when it becomes apart of you it keeps you motivated! One thing about ISP, they will hold you accountable and you get results! Trust the process, don't take shortcuts and stick with it!"


- Shanekqua H.

Workouts were boring and beginning to feel like a drag! In addition, as a teacher that basically worked from 8am-8pm at two schools, and I needed morning sessions that would get the job down. I started in February of 2016 and immediately saw results from losing inches, running faster on my PT test and basically enjoying life and living freely!