Small group training sessions at ISP do not exceed eight (8) members who are looking for a cost efficient and exciting way to train!  


Individuals who thrive in these sessions enjoy having the accountability of a person standing to the left and the right of them and live environment to increase their energy and productivity levels.   


The groups are small enough to get individual attention from the trainer, and large enough to make every time a good time! 


These sessions are challenging, yet worth every minute of training. Come sweat it out with us and have a good time while doing it!

With our small group training option you can either grab a group of friends and outwork together, or you are more than welcome to meet new ones by joining an ongoing program. We will be sure to match your goals and ability level with your training parters. 


This service has also been great for team building activities, corporate sponsorships, as well as special events such as: 

 Weddings (ex. The Bride & Groom, Bridal Party), Vacations, Pre/Post Season Competition (School/Travel Teams), Corporate Partnerships (Small Businesses), Squad Goals, & Many More. 

This package can either be purchased as a membership, or we can tailor concepts specific to your group if necess

 I have not worked out in fifteen years since I left the Army due to health issues. I attended a Health Summit in the Summer of 2015 where I heard two young ladies talking about Iconic Sport Performance how they teach increasing muscle mass, lowering body fat, and being a better version of yourself. I signed myself and son up to join! Well let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I've made. In the first month alone, I have lost weight and inches all over, I am able to move faster, I have more energy, I am cooking and eating healthier! ISP: FIT LIFE has excellent trainers that push me to work hard every minute I am there. No one will let me give up. I am working and sweating for a full hour.  The work out is constant and I can tell the difference in my body. I feel amazing! 



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