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​Iconic Sport Performance (ISP) is woman-owned, minority owned, veteran owned performance training facility that is the first of it's kind in Columbia, South Carolina. Krystal B & Ashleigh E joined forces to shift the culture of health, wellness, and sports in their hometown.


ISP made its debut in the Capital City in Fall 2014. Co-Founders Ashleigh Edwards and Krystal Barclay are on a mission to use physical fitness, sport-specific training, and massage therapy as tools to build character, confidence, leadership qualities, and other essential life lessons to all who are committed to optimal wellness.

At ISP, we offer the total package at an affordable price because we understand the value of your wellbeing. We truly believe that your health is your wealth. Upon expansion, it is our intent to offer sport-specific training for all major sports in the surrounding areas, including, but not limited too: baseball, football, soccer, and softball.

As a staff, we are aware of the lack of available training facilities for athletes who are passionate about their crafts. Our dream at ISP is to create this safe haven for all under one roof. Each individual who steps through our doors with the intention to get better, will. Through fitness training, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, sport-specific training, and massage therapy, everyone involved will be more than pleased with the overall results and transformations of each individual.

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