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​Iconic Sport Performance (ISP) is woman-owned, minority owned, veteran owned performance training facility that is the first of it's kind in Columbia, South Carolina. Krystal B & Ashleigh E joined forces to shift the culture of health, wellness, and sports in their hometown.


ISP made its debut in the Capital City in Fall 2014 with a mission to educate parents and student-athletes on the business of sport. 


At ISP, we are aware of the lack of available training facilities for athletes who are passionate about their crafts.


Our dream at ISP is to create this safe haven for all under one roof.  Each individual who steps through our doors with the intention to get better, will.

The structure and discipline necessary to excel in sport, presents in all professions. As does the need for leadership training, character and professional development.  More than anything it has been our purpose to encourage all who will listen that they have the power to create the life they want.


The learning environment created  within ISP's training programs, camps, and clinics provide the skills necessary for children to not only believe they can create the life they want with proper goal setting, but also the courage, confidence, and support to take action! 

Learning Concepts 


As new skills are introduced over the course of our training process, it is not expected for an athlete to be "ready made." We do not expect them to be perfect, as the skill is just that, NEW. Upon introduction to a new skill the first requirement is only that an athlete "understands" the concept. In fact, each of our trainers have gone through a certification process that ensures they are prepared to teach the game of basketball in a way that each athlete individually can comprehend. This ensures that there is a high probability of the athlete completing the skill successfully in game situations. 

When athletes have trouble translating their skill sessions to in game scenarios it is typically due to a lack of understanding. They do not know where, when, or how to apply the skills that are acquired. By emphasizing the need to "understand" first,  it allows our athletes to be more comfortable with what they do not know, fully accept the learning process and focus on the lesson at hand, and in turn allows them to grow successfully without fear of judgment or any additional pressures that max exist in a typical competitive environment.  


After our athletes understand the logistics behind the specific skill concepts, we use various drills to aid in their growth and development. Being that this skill is still new we are simply looking for execution. The difference between the fundamentals at various levels and basketball (Rec League to NBA) is ONLY strength and speed. We are looking for the athletes to be able to perform the skill at a pace they are comfortable and complete each component as directed.


Once, they're familiar with the material we begin to "rep it out." This is where confidence in the skill is hidden. The more game repetitions, at game speeds, well ... the more successful each athlete will be when performing in game. 



Focus of the Day: Left Hand Lay Ups 


Keys to Success: 

1. Footwork (L-R-Jump) 

2. Ball Control (From Pocket to Shot & Appropriate Dribble Step) 

3. Body Control (Explosiveness Both Horizontally & Vertically) 


1. Footwork Practice w/ Imaginary Ball 

2. Ball Control Emphasis: Pocket-Shot - 5 Makes 

3. Footwork Emphasizing Rhythm & Flow: Left Hand Lay Up's w/o Dribbling - 5 Makes 

4. Fastbreak Lay Up (from elbow): 1 Dribble, Footwork, Shot - 1 Make 


Conclusion of 30 min Session  


As athletes "rep it out," this means they've spent countless hours at their craft and mastering specific skill sets. Some coming more naturally, while others they've had to will their way to perfect. Eventually, they are so confident in a particular subject area that they are "known" for this skill because they perform "it" consistently.


Think Steph Curry or Kyrie, there is no doubt that Steph doesn't miss, and Kyrie has an shifty handle with even crazier finishes around the rim. 

When an athlete enters this phase scholarships are offered because scouts can "bet their money on you." 


This is the final phase of the developmental process for our student athlete. As they've perfected a particular skill, and are performing consistently, it is imperative that they share the learning and knowledge with their teammates. 

We've all heard the statistic "x amount of athletes go on to play collegiately." However, it could be argued that only "x amount of athletes" even desire to play collegiately, even less are willing to do the work. With that said, it is imperative that our student-athletes create the culture necessary for them to gain the exposure they are independently seeking based on their goals. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not your high school coaches job to create a winning environment OR get your athlete recruited. Therefore, the winning culture is up to our athletes. 

At ISP our athletes are learning various leadership styles, and life skills to assist them in reaching their goals. 



During your leadership phase, it is imperative that our athletes are vocal leaders as well. Steph Curry isn't the only player attempting shots in-game, this goes for our players as well. Often times what we see is the players with high level aspirations around the game are the one's putting the work in, but we still have to rely on our teammates to assist us get the results we want. 


Every scout wants to recruit a leader! Leaders are not restricted to age or position. Every great leader, also knows how to follow. 

If you can showcase your leadership on and off the court you are guaranteed to be a recruitable athlete.   

Assisting your teammates towards your collective goals, is the perfect way to exercise/practice your leadership skills. 

We teach our athletes though, that no one wants to listen to the poor communicator. Or even worse, don't tell me how to shoot and you can't shoot! Each person also doesn't respond the same to constructive criticism. There also are certain voices our teammates respect/appreciate more than our own sometimes. But the message STILL has to be construed, we simply have to find the correct approach to respectfully and tactfully get our message across (even if this is through the messenger).

Championships are won TOGETHER!

At ISP we practice problem solving, critical thinking, logic and reasoning to build the proper skills to create championship environments throughout the community to ensure each of our players can actually enjoy the process. They are working so hard in training, by the time they've completed their amateur journey's we want them to look back at a career they are proud of, with skillsets that transcend disciplines. 


Goal: Enhance our players skill sets both on the court and off the court to ensure whatever they go pro in, even if it's NOT basketball, are equipped with the character, mindset, and morals for them to best succeed. We teach them to "Create The Life You Want" and we equip them with the tools to accomplish this day in and day out. Through our learning concepts at ISP, legends are made. 


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