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COVID-19 Protocols 

ISP Family,


As I know many of you are very well aware that COVID-19 is re emerging at a very rapid rate. What is most important at this time for our athletes, staff, and our loved ones is that we do our best to keep everyone safe. Therefore, we feel it is time to re-implement our covid protocols that were initially in place at the top of the pandemic, in an effort to stay in house for as long as it is safe to do so. 


Please Read Thoroughly! 


Though not MANDATORY in South Carolina at this time our Mask & Vaccine Policy is as follows: 


Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated we encourage that you wear your mask at all times to prevent the spread of this virus. 


Though our staff is vaccinated, we cannot and will not force you all to do so. However, we want any and everyone to assist us in minimizing all possible risks. Vaccines are available for children 5 & up, and Boosters are available for ages 12 and older. 



1. Attendance 

Sign up is strictly to be done via the MindBody Mobile App. Registration for each class CLOSES 24 hours prior to the start of each session. In the event you miss this window you can text Ashleigh directly at 803-673-5345 to see if there is space remaining and she will add each athlete to the list from the backend if space allows. 


2. Attendance Capacity 

Per the square footage of our building 15 people are allowed in the space at any given time to ensure there is still room for social distancing. 


Therefore a 10 student-athlete max cap will be observed for each class. 


Parents will only be allowed in the building with a mask. AND the amount of parents allowed in the space will be determined based on the space available after staff and athletes are accounted for. 


3. Necessary Equipment 

Due to the current climate as it relates to the pandemic we suggest each athlete prepare a bag for training with the following items to eliminate sharing equipment as much as possible:



  • Personal Basketball (with your initials on it)

  • Yoga Mat - to establish a personal area during the S & C segment of the workout. Easier to use and clean between workouts and much safer than sharing mats with the entire group (even if it is cleaned thoroughly) as we complete various exercises on the floor.

  • Jump Rope - Can be found for less than $5 at Wal-Mart

  • Large Water Bottle (filled) - It has been advised all shared water stations be closed for now, therefore you won't be able to refill your typical 16oz bottle or small cups. Please prepare for this in advance, as hydration is extremely important. Drinks will be available for purchase if need be.


Items #1-3 will be provided for you if necessary.

Water/Gatorade is available for purchase as well. Simply let us know upon arrival what you need. 



4. Feeling Sick 

If you are sick, stay home. Especially if you are presenting COVID symptoms. 

In the event you are presenting COVID symptoms, you will be required to show a negative test result prior to returning to training. 


5. Exposed to COVID-19 or Positive Result 

Let us know IMMEDIATELY so we can implement an appropriate action plan on site. 


Unvaccinated or VACCINATED but not Boosted

Quarantine for five days. 

Test after five days. 

If negative, mask up for five more days. 

If positive, isolate for five more days. 

If symptoms are still present or positive test still after five days, stay isolated until symptoms are gone. 

If  symptoms are no longer present, return to regular activities but mask up for five days. 


Boosted or Within 6 Months of Pfizer/Moderna, or 2 Months of J&J Vaccine 

Mask up for five days 

Test after five days 

If positive, follow positive guidelines above. 

If negative, mask up for five more days. 


You will be required to show a negative test result prior to returning to training.



6. Contingency Plan 

Please note that a contingency plan is in place for online instruction in the event we are forced to shut down for any reason. 


For those of you that were not with us in 2020 we transitioned online for two months smoothly during the government shut down with continued fitness instruction, basketball instruction with additional at homework plans provided, as well as extensive IQ sessions. 

Naturally we will also require additional safety protocols (hand washing and frequent sanitization) upon entry and prior to exiting. We will continue to wipe down all equipment, and get the site cleaned regularly. 


Thank you for your time and urgent attention to this matter,


Ashleigh Edwards & Krystal Barclay

Updated: January 17, 2022

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