ISP: FIT LIFE offers a variation of training services, the personal training option is excellent for someone that is looking to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and/or someone looking to maintain their health. Our Certified Personal Trainers serve as accountability partners and assist as you juggle your hectic day to day schedules, responsibilities and fitness goals. 

Personal Training is a great option if you would prefer individual instruction, may not be comfortable or confident going through your transformation process in front of others, or if you'd prefer to schedule at your availability as opposed to attending small group sessions or classes. 

When truly committed to changing their lifestyle, we've seen our clients average 10 lb. weight loss in just 30 DAYS!  

This will take dedication, determination, drive, and will.

It is most certainly an adjustment following meal plans, drinking much more water than you're typically used to, and taking pictures weekly of your progress.   

It will also take you putting in work outside of your individual sessions. Whether you take advantage of our Open Gym Policy, and  join us for the Workout of the Day. Or workout elsewhere with our Personalized Home Workout Plans. It doesn't matter ... AS LONG AS YOU GET IT IN!

It is our job to utilize our education, skill set, and experience to get you the body you can be proud of. 

If you're ready to change your life ... we're ready to assist you! 

Before coming to ISP I didn't know how to properly workout nor did I enjoy working out. Emily and the rest of the staff's knowledge and skills for safe and effective exercises made me feel comfortable in the gym. She has a creative way of making fitness fun and within one month I could already tell a difference. Not only because of exercise, but also my diet. I received a diet plan that worked for my lifestyle. I became more conscious on on what foods I put into my body. Since training with Emily I've been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle through my diet and workouts."  


Membership Includes: ​

Customized Workouts  

Virtual Consulting & Accountability 


Meal Plans 

Nutritional & Supplemental Guidance 


Food Journal 


Class Discounts 


ISP: Wellness Massage 

Body Work Discounts


Open Gym