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Personal Training

We do not offer personal training to student athletes between the ages of 6 - 18.

Basketball is a team sport.


For personal development, as well as overall player development we have found that the most progressive growth for our athletes is in a small group learning environment. 

As needed we will set up 1-on-1 sessions to work on additional skills if an athlete is "behind" and needs additional assistance.

Keep in mind that this is rare being that the groups devised upon skill level.


Our program is designed to cover all fundamental variables and to regress or progress base on the needs of the student-athletes individually. Our trainers are experts that can accommodate the needs of all athletes from the "raw" beginner to the experienced pro. 

This is a community for EVERYONE to develop. 

There is no skill level too great, or too "new."  Our small group welcomes all. 

Every athlete is offered a Free Workout, that we use as an evaluation to determine if our program is the right "fit" prior to committing to a membership.


Click the link below to schedule your first session today! 



College/Professional Athletes 

If you are a collegiate or professional athlete with interest to train and need additional accommodations (scheduling/travel) please contact Ashleigh directly for customized plans. 

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