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ISP: Student of the Game

ISP: Student of the Game is the non-profit entity of Iconic Sport Performance. 

There are athletes in our community that are less fortunate and cannot afford the price of "personal training." There also are parents, coaches, and other community leaders that do not see the value of training at a facility like Iconic Sport Performance. We created our space (ISP) to solve a problem within our local community. We knew there was a need to educate parents and student-athletes on the business of sport. We felt this was necessary to complete whether we were compensated for these efforts or not. This is where our 501(c)3 was formed. ISP: Student of the Game is our outreach program to create opportunities FOR ALL. We are extremely passionate about the opportunities that sports can create for our athletes long term, and the life skills that are learned throughout our program. No one deserves to be uneducated or taken advantage of when it comes to navigating recruiting, scholarships, and even agents. We want to teach all who are willing to do the work how to get the most out of the game you love. 

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